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Combining Founder- and Employee-Led Marketing

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Here’s what’s in store for you today:

  • Growth breakdown: How lemlist beat the LinkedIn algorithm to grow to $26M+ in ARR.

  • Cool things I saw to take your business to the moon.

  • Top tools for your business.

lemlist: Winning the LinkedIn game with personal branding.

🏆 The one thing:

If you’re short on time, here’s the one thing to take away:

LinkedIn is becoming the go-to platform for Founder-Led Marketing.

It’s the best place to build a personal brand that drives revenue to your business.

Here’s how you and your business can start crushing LinkedIn:

  1. Define ONE specific ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) you are targeting and create content relevant to them.

  2. Get other members of your team to do the same, but for different ICPs.

  3. Provide a ton of free value to build trust and push your ICP down your sales funnel.

Another great thing about a personal brand is that it can turn cold leads into warm.

When you do cold outreach, prospects will see your brand and the value you give away for free - making them more likely to book a call with you.

📚 The tactic:

A brief explanation of the tactic.

LinkedIn is the perfect place for lemlist to reach its customers.

It’s where salespeople and entrepreneurs hang out.

And is still a mostly untapped goldmine.

An ideal place to build your personal brand - A key to building trust and authority in the modern world.

Founder of lemlist, Guillaume Moubeche (aka G), started using his experience running lemlist and his previous lead generation agency to write helpful and actionable tips for founders and salespeople to book more calls and make more money.

But this was just the start. G saw the power his personal brand had on lemlist’s growth and so set out to conquer LinkedIn with his whole team.

He created an internal course (which is now public) for his team to grow their personal brands and lemlist by connecting with customers in a more personal way.

Combined, they now reach more than 20M people per month on LinkedIn - all for free!

Encourage your team to start building personal brands on LinkedIn to drive growth back to your business.

🎯 The execution:

3 actionable insights from the tactic.

🧍‍♂️ 1. Targeting Individual ICPs

When G started posting he was targeting entrepreneurs AND salespeople.

But as the saying goes: “If you’re speaking to everyone. You’re speaking to no one.”

The tricky part was that lemlist has multiple target personas.

Enter the lemlist team.

Each member of the lemlist team matched their role and expertise to a very specific target persona.

G: Entrepreneurs.

Tal: Salespeople (with a focus on prospecting with lemlist).

Roxana: Marketers.

Lucas: Growth Marketers.

And the list goes on…

Doing this has allowed each team member to become a subject matter expert for their persona.

The go-to creator for their topic.

Making lemlist the the go-to company for multiple topics.

And this tactic clearly still works today. G is repeating the playbook with his acquisition of Taplio (the best all-in-one LinkedIn tool - seriously, I use it and it’s awesome!).

One of their Customer Success team members, Ankit Patel, is blowing up on LinkedIn right now.

To most people, it’s out of nowhere.

But he’s executing this same playbook. Becoming the go-to creator for LinkedIn growth.

And he’s killing it.

I have some exciting news!

We are launching a free 7-day Founder-Led Marketing crash course.

Filled with everything you need to take your personal brand on LinkedIn from Zero to Hero.

It’s launching in August, but everyone that signs up before the launch we’re including a free template pack just for you 😉

Making your path to topic expert as simple as A, B, C.

Do you want our Free 7-day Founder-Led Marketing Crash Course designed to help you create a winning personal brand on LinkedIn?

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🪜 2. Building a Sales Ladder

Okay I hear you. Posting on LinkedIn is great. But what on earth do I post about and how do I make sure it grows my business?

The best way to think of it is like a ladder.

The goal of the ladder is to get your prospects to your product and their dream outcome.

But it’s the how that differentiates whether you get them there or not.

And what separates simply posting online from Founder/Content-Led Marketing.

Okay back to the ladder.

Think of the left leg as the targeting. Who do you want to reach?

Think back to the first part of the tactic: Get specific about your ICP.

Try think of one specific person who you are creating content for. And always ask yourself if they would find your content relevant and useful.

The right leg of the ladder is your credibility. I.e. why should people trust you?

The steps are what pull everything together and allow your prospect to climb.

The messaging.

This is the “how” you convince your ICP to trust you.

Linking the left and the right legs of the ladder.

But what is your goal with the messaging?

Alex Hormozi has this concept of the value equation.

Your messaging should increase this value equation.

Minimise time and effort to achieve results.

Maximize the dream outcome and perceived likelihood of achieving it

💞 3. Growth Loop of Love

lemlist have this concept they call the growth circle of love.

And it’s awesome!

The underlying premise of it is to give as much value as possible to users and potential users.

There are a few ways I have seen them use it, but for their LinkedIn-Led Marketing, it works like this:

The lemlist team give a ton of free educational content away on LinkedIn:

  • Informative posts.

  • How-to-guides.

  • Notion templates.

  • And a whole bunch more.

Then lemlist team inspires potential and current users with case studies, testimonials, and product updates. Increasing the perceived likelihood of success of lemlist.

New users see this and are more likely to convert.

Plus, these new users and existing users are more likely to stay with lemlist because all of this value is making them more successful with the platform.

The reason this has been so successful for lemlist, and how you can ensure it is successful for you, is to give so much value away that it hurts.

Give things away for free that could be charged for.

Overdeliver before users pay and they’ll be more than happy to give you their money when you ask.

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