The Zero to One is changing for you

Last week I asked what you wanted. Now I'm building it.

What’s up! This is Sheldon. Today I have some big news.

I set out to build the Zero to One for a few reasons:

  • 🚀 Help you launch and grow your idea into a profitable business.

  • 📰 Keep you up to date with all things startups and being a founder.

  • 👯‍♂️ Build a community around startups and product growth.

But recently I asked himself if I was doing this in the best way possible.

And the truth was that I wasn’t sure. I had a bit of an identity crisis. Unsure what to do and how to grow the Zero to One going forward.

But then, learning from many of the successful startups I’ve deep dived, I decided to ask you. The people this newsletter exists for in the first place.

I appreciate all of you who answered. The results have given me a clarity I didn’t have before. I now know what you want to see from me going forward.

Here were the results:

  • Only ~10% of you say you have the time to read my weekly deep dives.

  • My NPS was 7.4 (out of 10). While this is decent, there is a lot of room to grow.

  • 90% of you say that it would be more useful to have a < 5-minute deep dive focused on ONE actionable growth tactic used by leading startups instead of a ~20-minute deep dive on the company's journey.

  • ~63% of you said you preferred the Thursday deep dives. This is interesting, because it shows that you are interested more in the startup stories (even though they are much longer).

So all of this has led to the following result: The Zero to One is changing.

I want to build a product that both solves your problems and aligns with my vision. So to do that, this will be the new structure of the newsletter going forward:

  • 1 newsletter per week on Thursdays.

  • <5-minute deep dive focused on ONE actionable growth tactic used by a leading startup, for example, this Thursday will be on how uses partnerships to create a growth flywheel.

  • This newsletter will include the sections I usually put in the Tuesday newsletter (e.g., opportunities, tools, and lessons).

I still enjoy doing the full company deep dives and the feedback I got was that they were very helpful, just too long to read every week. So I’m thinking of introducing one deep dive every month or every 6 weeks - I haven’t decided on this yet, so if you have a preference or an idea of how to do it please reply to this email to let me know!

So, in saying this, it has been awesome to build this newsletter and business with you. There is a lot more to come and I will continue to ask for your guidance.

This is the last Tuesday newsletter (for now), but I will still be posting startup breakdowns and founder advice on my LinkedIn daily - so follow me there if you want more frequent tips on growing your business.

I will also be doing a bit of a rebrand soon (logo and some color changes) so keep an eye out for that!

Stay awesome and speak soon!

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